Atheist dating a christian Nepali sexylive girl

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Relationships are built on respect and care, and if that's something you have then you are doing well.

Perhaps a more popular question from atheists about religious partners is how to deconvert their theist partners. The approach I take to this sort of question is to generalize it out.There are no simple answers for relationship compatibility issues, but I'm hoping to offer some concrete starting points where you can suss out the issues yourself.First of all, don't consider your long term history together.Watch out for a partner who refuses to allow your atheist books in the house, disallows you to go to atheist meetings, who forces you to come to religious worship, who tells you (with no remorse) that you deserve Hell, or doesn't allow you to talk about religion to the family.Those are all kinds of controlling behaviors, and abuse is about control.

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There is no excuse, no reason that allows someone in a relationship to be treated poorly.