Aoe 2 updating system settings

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There are 5 stats important to tanks (in no particular order): 1. In addition, some fights have mechanics that will prevent healing (e.g. It’s important that your health pool is large enough to survive then as well.Note that shadows gain 5% endurance from the Shadow’s Training and Mental Fortitude passives.

We have the lowest Damage taken Per Second (Dt PS), the highest potential threat per Second (TPS), and defensive CDs which allow us to ignore some mechanics that would otherwise one-shot other tank classes.

For further explanation, check the end of the Theorycrafting section.

Damage Profiles The main consideration for determining the effectiveness of your stats, and the stat combination you should go for, is the ‘damage profile’ of a fight.

Kinetic Combat is one of the 3 tank specs in SWTOR.

Shadows are special as a tank, for having low armor.

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