Alcoholic dating non alcoholic

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Have you ever heard of the expression: “get out of harm’s way?” If you’re living with an angry alcoholic, then you need to learn how to get out of the way of being hurt, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Take time to think of different ways that you can avoid having a confrontation with the problem drinker and start doing those things. It’s funny, somehow I knew that deep down inside that my raging, angry alcoholic spouse loved me.

In situations like this, we can hope for change and believe they love us, but we must not sugar coat the reality of what is happening to us.

No one should accept unacceptable behavior from anyone, especially alcoholics/addicts. You must learn how to set boundaries with an alcoholic.

I can give you a few tips in this article on how to cope, but you really need to get involved with alcoholism support group meetings.

There are hundreds of ways to protect yourself from the affects of an angry alcoholic.

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Top up with ginger ale, the right amount to your taste, stir and garnish with a lime slice.

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