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The report mentions the results of a study according to which around 22% of black male singles - that is at least one in five – who married in 2008, chose female partners from among whites, Asians or Hispanics.

This represents a significant increase from previous rates like 15.7% in 2000 and 7.9% in 1980.

In 2007, 4.6% of all married Blacks in the United States were wed to a White partner, and 0.4% of all Whites were married to a Black partner2.

In recent times this type of inter-racial relationship has been traced to the feeling among single black women that there are fewer dating options from their own African-origin male community.

Black and white relationships Relationships between African-origin and white partners in the US actually goes back to the history of slavery in the country when white landowners and masters would take black slave women for their sexual partners or mistresses.

in modern times, a landmark event for black and white relationships – like all inter-racial relationships – was Loving vs.

Virginia judgment of 1967 when the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision, ruled that all anti-miscegenation laws were unlawful, thus allowing people of different races to marry each other in the United States.

since then inter-racial relationships have come a long way and indeed today they form a significant percentage of all marriages in United States for, according to 2008 Pew Research Center Report based on U. Census Bureau’s 2008 American Community Survey, a record 14.6% of all new marriages in the United States in 2008 were between spouses of a different race or ethnicity from one another.

Native Americans and other races There is not much data on couples where one partner is of Native American descent and the other is white.

Native American and Asian marriages In the US, there is a localized but strong tradition of marriage between partners of Native Americans and Filipino descent, especially in Alaska.

This owes to certain historical causes - In the 17th century, Spanish colonizers ensured a thriving trade between Philippines and the Americas.

When the Mexicans revolted against the Spanish, the Filipino men first escaped into Mexico, then traveled to Louisiana, where they settled down with Native American women.

In the 1920s, Filipino American communities of workers also grew in Alaska where Filipino American men married Alaskan Native women. "Intimate Relationships Between Races More Common Than Thought", University of Michigan.

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According to the 1990 US Census - which takes into account indigenous people with US-government-recognized tribal affiliation - Native American women intermarried European American men 2% more than Native American men married European American women7.

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